Sunday 1 March 2015

The Mystery of Email Pinging - Solved

The Secrets of Email Verification Exposed

Have you ever wondered how email verification / validation is done? Here's how.
email ping

Why I've Published "The Secret"

I've been developing online email validation services, technology and software since 2009. It's this technology that powered the worlds first online, self service bulk email verification launched back in 2010 branded as Since 2010, has forged forward with delivering an ever increasing range of online email verification services. in 2015 cleanses email lists and removes millions of dirty / bad email addresses on a daily basis.

Having been at the very sharp end of developing the software and infrastructure from the ground up, I can state with a certain level of direct knowledge that email address verification, pinging or whatever you choose to call it is not an easy thing to do particularly in scale (i.e. large volumes) whilst maintaining a good level of accuracy. Getting to the point where it is today has taken an almost herculean effort in terms of research and development, finding and hiring the right technical and business teams to grow the product and business.

On a fairly frequent basis, I get asked the question

"How hard can email verification really be, it can be done in a few dozen lines of PHP script?"

The answer of course is that at a basic level the process is simple. The secret in doing it effectively at scale is however a completely different proposition. It's the "difficult doing it at scale" bit that attracts the doubters. I have to confess to historically being somewhat frustrated by the doubters but today I accept it as a fact of life in growing our business.

In my time with, many former doubters who have tried (unsuccessfully) to do "their own thing" with scripts have gone on to be loyal, appreciative customers. I have yet to encounter anyone who has had great success with self hosted, script based solutions. The scenario usually plays out as follows:

  • Programmer does brief amount of research and believes email validation is "easy".
  • Creates script in about 30 minutes, deploys to server.
  • Email validation works of a fashion (although it can't do some domains such as Yahoo) with low volume, user based testing.
  • The business fires medium to large data volumes at the script. 
  • It breaks under load (for many reasons that I'm not getting into here).
  • Realization that email verification is not easy after all.
This scenario is oh, so common. I get how it happens but watching it never gets any easier. So, I've decided perhaps it's time to create a resource to speed things up a little.

The "Secret"

I can state, with 100% conviction (having done the nuts and bolts of infrastructure and system development for more than 5 years) that doing email verification at scale is not as simple as writing a few lines of PHP. I am so convinced of this, I'm even giving away a free script that can be used as a jump start to deploying and testing self hosted email verification.

But wait, there's more. I'm publishing the detailed nuts and bolts of how to do email verification specifically using a PHP script.

In the resources section below, is everything to get a self hosted email verification script up and running fast.

So what's been your experience with setting up these or other email validation scripts? Comments welcome below.

The Resources


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